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Machecawa, who was still a widower, made no secret of his admiration of Abbie. With a dogged determination, characteristic of his race, he resolved to win her, and having evidently made a deep study of the case, had put it down as a first axiom that, if he began by wooing the father and brothers, all things being favorable, he would soon have the daughter and sister. He had not been slow to observe a change in the atmosphere of the Chief's home since Abbie's return from the convent. He felt instinctively a lack of warmth in the welcome received. He had little encouragement to spend the day in the kitchen as he had done formerly. Fortune seemed to turn in favor of the hunters, for a young fawn fell a victim to a well-directed bullet from Lord Dalhousie's gun next morning, and another was secured by the Chief. "You have quite a fine church," said the Chief, after a time, addressing the Scottish pastor. 鈥淚t鈥檚 all arranged then?鈥?Martin asked. "Now we are in a dilemma," said Colonel By. "What shall we do without bark? Shall we have to go the rest of the way on foot?" 鈥淗ow do you know I am English, mademoiselle?鈥?he asked, his heart a-flutter at the unexpected interchange of words. avttv手机版天堂AV 鈥淭hen we must go to him ourselves,鈥?said Christina; 鈥渨hether he likes it or not we must be at his side to support him as he enters again upon the world.鈥? � 鈥淣one,鈥?said Martin, 鈥渉ad his peculiar magnetic quality. Not even the member of Parliament. But,鈥?he continued after a pause, 鈥渋s that all that is known of him? He seems to be a very mysterious person.鈥? After he had written this Theobald felt quite good-natured, and sent to the Mrs. Thompson of the moment even more soup and wine than her usual not illiberal allowance. �