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� 鈥榃e will sit here a little, shall we?鈥?she said. 鈥業t mustn鈥檛 be long.鈥? � � "You recommend me to do that!" "Not so difficult. If the police drag-net is out, a hotel like the Sainte-Germaine isn't at all safe," replied Craig. "I imagine we can leave Vina to their tender mercies鈥攖he police and the press." AV在线AV日本一道 � Caballo had warned them that if they faced one danger out there greater than being lost, it wasbeing found. � "The name this precious young lady gave me was Beatrice Blackstone. That means nothing of course. But her good looks were really notable, even to my dim old eyes, and I will try to give you a description that will put you on your guard, should she ever bring her fascinations to bear on you. �