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鈥業 was going to typewrite these at once,鈥?she said, 鈥榠f you鈥檒l allow me, and then go and help Charles in the book department.鈥? Early in June Miss Tucker took the long journey to Simla, accompanied part of the way by Dr. Weitbrecht, and afterwards by Dr. Lankester. Through the thoughtful kindness of various friends, the journey was made as little fatiguing to her as possible. On her arrival she was so worn out as to sleep thirteen hours, with only one break, but was afterwards none the worse. Writing of the kind Cousins with whom she had gone to stay, she says: 鈥楾he boys are charming, so clever, bright, and loving. They make of me as much as if I were a pet Grandmother. I bought a little toy for them; and they were so much delighted with it, that I must have had between the three boys nearly a dozen kisses for it. I wonder that they are so fond of kissing a wrinkled old face.鈥? Col. Most strange! most unaccountable! Have you any guess what was in the bundle? 鈥榃ill you see to that for me?鈥?he asked. 鈥楽ept. 5.鈥?... Felt ill; half-blind; yet generally well-heard.... 鈥楤ut I was wrong this time,鈥?he said. 鈥業 gave you a lot of trouble in consequence.鈥? 99XXXX开心情色站_色五月_激情五月_开心五月天-开心色播网 � During the early months of 1862 Orley Farm was still being brought out in numbers, and at the same time Brown, Jones and Robinson was appearing in the Cornhill Magazine. In September, 1862, the Small House at Allington began its career in the same periodical. The work on North America had also come out in 1862. In August, 1863, the first number of Can You Forgive Her? was published as a separate serial, and was continued through 1864. In 1863 a short novel was produced in the ordinary volume form, called Rachel Ray. In addition to these I published during the time two volumes of stories called The Tales of all Countries. In the early spring of 1865 Miss Mackenzie was issued in the same form as Rachel Ray; and in May of the same year The Belton Estate was commenced with the commencement of the Fortnightly Review, of which periodical I will say a few words in this chapter. At this time she was becoming very anxious for the return of Mrs. Elmslie, who had been detained in England far longer than was at first intended, by family claims. Sometimes a fear was expressed that Mrs. Elmslie might never return; and no one else could fill her place. Charlotte Tucker did not dream of the happy consummation ahead.[337] Two or three references to her earlier days occur in June and July, as if some cause had sent her thoughts backward. 鈥楾hen C. M. T. says, 鈥淚 have made a very long journey from Europe by sea. I have come thousands of miles. Why have I come?鈥?Silence amongst my auditors. 鈥淚 have come to give good news.鈥?They listen with interest. 鈥淛esus Christ came into the world to save sinners. This is good news. We are all sinners. He died for us,鈥?etc. None look angry; some look pleased; some look tenderly at me, as if they thought me very kind to come such a long way to give them good news. 鈥楯uly 17, 1857.