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In another column, however, Mr. John Denning has his season advertisement, in terms which border on the sublime: There are lessons in what's happened at Wal-Mart that go beyond retail and apply to many otherbusinesses. You start with a given: free enterprise is the engine of our society; communism is pretty muchdown the drain and proven so; and there doesn't appear to be anything else that can compare to a freesociety based on a market economy. Nothing can touch that system not unless leadership andmanagement get selfish or lazy. In the future, free enterprise is going to have to be done wellwhichmeans it benefits the workers, the stockholders, the communities, and, of course, management, whichmust adopt a philosophy of servant leadership. � A strong corporate culture with its own unique personality, on top of the profit-sharing partnership we'vecreated, gives us a pretty sharp competitive edge. But a culture like ours can create some problems of itsown too. The main one that comes to mind is a resistance to change. When folks buy into a way of doingthings, and really believe it's the best way, they develop a tendency to think that's exactly the way thingsshould always be done. So I've made it my own personal mission to ensure that constant change is a vitalpart of the Wal-Mart culture itself. I've forced changesometimes for change's sake aloneat every turn inour company's development. In fact, I think one of the greatest strengths of Wal-Mart's ingrained cultureis its ability to drop everything and turn on a dime. 8 But the merciful God, who looks over His creatures, looked at Adam and Eve as they lay dead, and He sent His Word to them, and raised them. Slowly Maggie was turning away with despair in her heart. But the poor frightened mother鈥檚 love leaped out now, stronger than all dread. CaoPorn---超碰在线视频 13 Then Adam said, "I do not know how to swear and promise." The object is to bring to justice those fiendish people who burn, scald, mutilate, &c. How is this done? Why, it is enacted that the fact of finding the slave in this condition shall be held presumption against the owner or overseer, unless鈥攗nless what? Why, unless he will prove to the contrary,鈥攐r swear to the contrary, it is no matter which鈥攅ither will answer the purpose. The question is, If a man is bad enough to do these things, will he not be bad enough to swear falsely? As if men who are the incarnation of cruelty, as supposed by the deeds in question, would not have sufficient intrepidity of conscience to compass a false oath! � A Postscript �