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Beholds the end of what is sown; "You've got to realize this too. By being at that conference, he was absolutely in the right place at theright time. There were no such things in those days as minicomputers and microcomputers. He was reallyten years away from the computer world coming. But he was preparing himself. And this is a veryimportant point: without the computer, Sam Walton could not have done what he's done. He could nothave built a retailing empire the size of what he's built, the way he built it. He's done a lot of other thingsright, too, but he could not have done it without the computer. It would have been impossible."Much as I hate to admit to something like that, I expect Abe is probably right. His memory's pretty goodabout why I was at that conference, too. I wanted to show him my books, and I wanted to ask himabout merchandise control. But I knew I'd never be any whizbang computer guy myself, so I had anotherreason for going to that school: I was looking to hire a good, bright systems person, and I figured I mightfind one there. As it happened, there were all sorts of bright people in that school. Dale Wormana veryastute retailer from the Fred Meyer company out in Portland and now a good friendwas there, as wasArlie Lazarus, who became president of Herb Fisher's Jamesway Corp. And, of course, that's where Ifirst met Ron Mayer, then the smart young chief financial officer at Duckwall Stores in Abilene, Kansas. Itargeted him as the guy we needed at Wal-Mart, and started wooing him right there. Like so many ofthem, he wasn't interested just then in moving to Bentonville, Arkansas, to work for somebody he knewnext to nothing about. Later on, we changed his mind. 1 Then Adam said to Eve, "Do you not see these figs and their leaves, with which we covered ourselves when we were stripped of our bright nature? But now, we do not know what misery and suffering may come over us from eating them. At mess there were two newly-arrived officers, come from Tochi; they had been attacked on the road in the night by sixteen men. The driver and the horse were killed; they themselves had not a scratch, and they told the story very much at their ease, relating the comic features of the incident鈥攈ow a bullet had lodged itself in a pot hanging to a mule's pack, and the frightened creature had kicked "like mad." � "Mr. Sam usually let me do whatever I wanted on these promotions because he figured I wasn't going toscrew it up, but on this one he came down and said, 'Why did you buy so much You can't sell all ofthis!' But the thing was so big it made the news, and everybody came to look at it, and it was all gone in aweek. I had another one that scared them up in Bentonville too. This guy from Murray of Ohio called oneday and said he had 200 Murray 8 horsepower riding mowers available at the end of the season, and hecould let us have them for $175. Did we want any And I said, 'Yeah, I'll take 200.' And he said,'Twohundred!' We'd been selling them for $447, I think. So when they came in we unpacked every one ofthem and lined them all up out in front of the store, twenty-five in a row, eight rows deep. Ran a chainthrough them and put a big sign up that said: '8 h.p. Murray Tractors, $199.' Sold every one of them. Iguess I was just always a promoter, and being an early Wal-Mart manager was as good a place topromote as there ever was."I'll tell you, Phil not only liked to swim upstream, he liked to do it with weights strapped on just to showhe could do it. Things may not be quite as wild today as they once were, but being a Wal-Mart managerisstill a great place to promote items because it is such a part of our heritage, and it is a part we hadbetter always hold on to. Over the years, I've had so much fun with this, and it really is amazing howmuch merchandise you can move with just a little promotion. Folks always ask me what are some of thebig moments I remember in the history of Wal-Mart, and I usually say, oh, when we passed a billiondollars in sales, or 10 billion, or whatever. But the truth is, some of my fondest memories are of plain oldeveryday items that we sold a ton of by presenting nicely on endcaps (displays at the end of aisles)or ontables out in action alley (the big horizontal aisle running across a store just behind the checkoutcounters). I guess real merchants are like real fishermen: we have a special place in our memories for afew of the big ones. 看一天高清电影,操你啦日日操,av男人站你懂的网站,亚洲伊人厂成人综合网 � My feeling is that just because we work so hard, we don't have to go around with long faces all the time,taking ourselves seriously, pretending we're lost in thought over weighty problems. At Wal-Mart, if youhave some important business problem on your mind, you should be bringing it out in the open at aFriday morning session called the merchandising meeting or at the Saturday morning meeting, so we canall try to solve it together. But while we're doing all this work, we like to have a good time. It's sort of a"whistle while you work" philosophy, and we not only have a heck of a good time with it, we work betterbecause of it. We build spirit and excitement. We capture the attention of our folks and keep theminterested, simply because they never know what's coming next. We break down barriers, which helps uscommunicate better with one another. And we make our people feel part of a family in which no one istoo important or too puffed up to lead a cheer or be the butt of a jokeor the target in apersimmon-seed-spitting contest. � 鈥淥h, if I could but stop here!鈥?said Maggie. 鈥淚 have no heart to begin a strange life again. I should have no stay. I should feel like a lonely wanderer, cut off from the past. I have written to the lady who offered me a situation to excuse myself. If I remained here, I could perhaps atone in some way to Lucy 鈥?to others; I could convince them that I鈥檓 sorry. And,鈥?she added, with some of the old proud fire flashing out, 鈥淚 will not go away because people say false things of me. They shall learn to retract them. If I must go away at last, because 鈥?because others wish it, I will not go now.鈥? �