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� � � � 鈥淲omen have really been underrated,鈥?Dr. Bramble said. 鈥淭hey鈥檝e been evolutionarilyshortchanged. We perpetuate this notion that they were sitting around waiting for the men to comeback with food, but there鈥檚 no reason why women couldn鈥檛 be part of the hunting party.鈥?Actually,it would be weird if women weren鈥檛 hunting alongside the men, since they鈥檙e the ones who reallyneed the meat. The human body benefits most from meat protein during infancy, pregnancy, andlactation, so why wouldn鈥檛 women get as close to the beef supply as possible? Hunter-gatherernomads shift their camps by the movements of the herds, so instead of hauling food back to camp,it made more sense for the whole camp to go to the food. Then, when Mrs. Errington moved away to speak to her daughter-in-law, Miss Chubb whispered slily to Algernon, "You were a little bit smitten with our pretty Rhoda, once upon a time, sir, weren't you? Oh, it's no use your protesting and looking so unconscious! La, dear me; well, it was very natural! Calf-love, of course. But I'll tell you, between you and me, who is smitten with her, and pretty seriously too鈥攁nd that's Mr. Diamond!" 404 Not Found Having first carefully wiped away her tears by the method of pressing her handkerchief to her eyes and cheeks as one presses blotting-paper to wet ink, so as not to disturb the curls, Miss Chubb plunged, with happy flexibility of mood, into the midst of a rout at Lady Tubville's, nor paused until she had minutely described five of the dresses worn on that occasion, including her own and the bishopess's, from shoe to head-dress. � That body still looked great; it was plenty fine enough to turn women鈥檚 heads whenever ScottJurek and his willowy blonde wife, Leah, were pedaling around their Capitol Hill neighborhood,hitting the bookstores and coffee shops and their favorite vegan Thai restaurants, a beautiful younghipster couple on the mountain bikes they owned instead of a car. Scott was tall and supplelymuscled, with soulful brown eyes and a boy-band smile. He hadn鈥檛 cut his hair since Leah gavehim a buzz cut before his first Western States victory, leaving him six years later with a headful ofGreek god curls that rippled when he ran. In 2003, Ted decided to celebrate his fortieth birthday with his own endurance event, 鈥淭heAnachronistic Ironman.鈥?It would be a full Ironman triathlon鈥?.4-mile ocean swim, 112-milebike ride, and 26.2-mile run鈥攅xcept, for reasons only clear to Ted, all the gear had to date fromthe 1890s. He was already two-thirds of the way there; he was strong enough to handle the swim infull-length woollies, and he鈥檇 become an ace on his high-wheel bike. But the run鈥?the run wasmurdering him. We鈥檝e done studies, and only two to three percent of the population has real biomechanicalproblems. So who is getting all these orthotics? Every time we put someone in a corrective device,we鈥檙e creating new problems by treating ones that don鈥檛 exist.鈥?In a startling admission in 2008,Runner鈥檚 World confessed that for years it had accidentally misled its readers by recommendingcorrective shoes for runners with plantar fasciitis: 鈥淏ut recent research has shown stability shoesare unlikely to relieve plantar fasciitis and may even exacerbate the symptoms鈥?(italics mine).