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� I now felt that I had gained my object. In 1862 I had achieved that which I contemplated when I went to London in 1834, and towards which I made my first attempt when I began the Macdermots in 1843. I had created for myself a position among literary men, and had secured to myself an income on which I might live in ease and comfort 鈥?which ease and comfort have been made to include many luxuries. From this time for a period of twelve years my income averaged 锟?500 a year. Of this I spent about two-thirds, and put by one. I ought perhaps to have done better 鈥?to have spent one-third, and put by two; but I have ever been too well inclined to spend freely that which has come easily. 鈥楬ush!鈥?he said, very gently, and tiptoed across the room to where Alice sat. He took her hand in his, pressing it, and spoke in the golden whisper which she was getting to know so well in the vestry. if this book should ever roam, The Macdermots of Ballycloran, 1847 锟?8 6 9 � HEZYO高清 一本道 综合,一本道综合久久免费 � You are a man, sobbed Isola. "You do not know what it is for a woman to confess that she is unworthy of her husband's love. You do not know. It is not possible for a man to know the meaning of shame." Had Alice been in a condition to observe any windows and the lights in them, except those of the dark study and the illuminated bedroom at the Vicarage, she would have seen that, late as it was, there was a patch of gravel on the garden-wall outside her father鈥檚 library window which smouldered amid the darkness of the night and showed there was another wakeful inhabitant in the house. He had gone to his room very shortly after Alice鈥檚 disappearance from the drawing room, leaving his wife talking about table linen to Hugh. He, like Alice, wanted, though more dimly than she, the expansion of solitude. But when he got into that retreat, he found he was not quite alone in it. He had intended to look through the Leonardo publication which had just arrived, and for which he thought he thirsted. But it still lay unturned on the table. He had but unpacked and identified it, and in ten minutes had forgotten about it altogether. Another presence haunted the room and disquieted him. � 鈥業鈥檓 rather anxious about Charles,鈥?she said. 鈥楬e has got an appalling cough.鈥?