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� � The Tarahumara knelt, looping the leather thong around and around their ankles and high up ontheir calves, adjusting the tautness as carefully as you鈥檇 tune a guitar string. It鈥檚 a fine art, custom-fitting a strip of rubber to the bottom of your foot with a single lash of leather so it doesn鈥檛 shift orflop for eighty-seven miles of gritty, rocky trail. Then they were up and gone, hard on JohnnySandoval鈥檚 heels. By the time Ann Trason arrived at the aid station, Martimano Cervantes andJuan Herrera were out of sight. The problem was this: Chasing an animal to death is evolution鈥檚 version of the perfect crime. � � 99XXXX开心情色站_色五月_激情五月_开心五月天-开心色播网 Immediately after he鈥檇 paced Martimano in the 鈥?4 Leadville race, he talked his way onto a radiostation in Boulder, Colorado, and asked anyone with an old coat to come drop it off. Once he had apile, he bundled them up and set off for the Copper Canyons. But Choguita gets cold at night, too cold for a skinny guy from California (or wherever he wasreally from), so after giving away all his coats, Micah waved adiós to Juan and Martimano andstruck off on his own, pushing into the warm depths of the canyons. He meandered blindly pastdrug dens and desperadoes, avoided diseases and canyon fever, and eventually discovered a spothe liked by a bend in the river. He hauled up rocks to build a hut, and made himself at home. No wonder the Tarahumara thought Caballo was a ghost. There was no telling what this guy woulddo, or where he鈥檇 turn up. 鈥淔orget it,鈥?I said. 鈥淚鈥檝e seen this road. I鈥檓 getting in the crash-readyposition inside between the two fattest guys I can find.鈥? � �