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"What do you require to-day?" Maybe it was an accident, but that strategy wouldn't have worked at all if we hadn't come up with amethod for implementing it. That method was to saturate a market area by spreading out, then filling in. Inthe early growth years of discounting, a lot of national companies with distribution systems already inplaceKmart, for examplewere growing by sticking stores all over the country. Obviously, we couldn'tsupport anything like that. "Oh law! To think of anything like this happening in my house! And the third floor rear hall at that! But that's always the way ain't it, like a story like? The telephone's been going like a Big Ben ever since twelve o'clock, asking for you. And you such a pleasant ordinary young fellow鈥攏ot to say ordinary-like, but not stuck up at all, just like one of us!" She paused for breath. � � My proposal wasn't agreeable to Ron, and I can certainly understand why. He wanted to run thecompany, and when he couldn't he decided to leave us. Nobody believed it at the time, but although Iwas unhappy with some of the things going on under Ron's chairmanship,real unhappy with a few, I triedas hard as I could to convince him to stay and be part of our growth even though he couldn't be chairmanand CEO anymore. I said, "Ron, we are going to miss you, we are going to need you, and I think we'regoing to suffer a lot because you're not here." I offered him everything to stay, but he felt it was time togo. Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay LOU PRITCHETT: "Not about the atropin, I think. That's just what I wanted to tell you about. She was grief-stricken, of course. But she did not faint or do anything like that." Give Me a W! � �