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� Now, most of these guys already had distribution centers and systems in place, while we had to buildone from scratch. So on paper we really didn't stand a chance. What happened was that they didn'treally commit to discounting. They held on to their old variety store concepts too long. They were soaccustomed to getting their 45 percent markup, they never let go. It was hard for them to take a blousethey'd been selling for $8.00, and sell it for $5.00, and only make 30 percent. With our low costs, ourlow expense structures, and our low prices, we were ending an era in the heartland. We shut the door onvariety store thinking. 鈥淲ill you kindly let her know that I am here鈥擬onsieur Camille Fargot?鈥? He had nearly settled down to this conclusion when he received a letter from his father which made his decision final. If the prison rules had been interpreted strictly, he would not have been allowed to have this letter for another three months, as he had already heard from me, but the governor took a lenient view, and considered the letter from me to be a business communication hardly coming under the category of a letter from friends. Theobald鈥檚 letter therefore was given to his son. It ran as follows: And I said to myself, 'Who is this guy He looks like an undertaker.' But anyway, there was one guy at that same IBM schoola fellow up in Green Bay, Wisconsinwho wasthe only one who had a warehouse, a distribution center. He invited me to go look at it. So when I gothome from the school, I threw Don Whitaker and Ferold and Bob Thornton and some other folkstherewere six of us, I rememberinto a Beechcraft Baron I was flying in those days, and hauled us up to GreenBay, Wisconsin. We went through this warehouse, saw how they did it, took a lot of notes on everything. HEZYO高清 一本道 综合,一本道综合久久免费 Chapter 13 Meeting the Competition He nodded and looked out of window at the houses opposite. That was why he was in Paris. For the last ten years, ever since his father鈥檚 death had hurried him away from Cambridge, after a term or two, into the wide world of struggle for a living, he had spent all his days of freedom in the little Kentish town. And these days were few. There were no long luxurious vacations at Margett鈥檚 Universal College, such as there are at ordinary colleges and schools. The grind went on all the year round, and the staff had but scanty holidays. Such as they were he passed them at his mother鈥檚 tiny villa. His father had given up the chaplaincy in Switzerland, where he had married and where Martin had been born, to become Vicar of Wendlebury, and Mr. Hastings was his successor. Mrs. Overshaw, with her phlegmatic temperament, had taken root in Wendlebury and there Martin had visited her and there he had been received into the intimacy of the Hastings family and there she had died; and now that the little villa was empty and Martin had no place outside London to lay his leisured head, he had satisfied the dream of his life and come to Paris. But even in this satisfaction there was pain. What was Paris compared with the kind touch of that vanished hand? He sighed. He was a simple soul in spite of his thirty years. But I want to tell you about a visit I made to a store near Dallas a couple of years ago: store number 880in Irving, Texas. The store has a very young and very ethnic work force and customer base. And ourmanager there was doing a terrible job with his people. I think maybe he just said to himself, "Well,they're young and they're poor whites and blacks and Mexicans, and they're just going to steal, and Ican't do anything about it." So he was not, very definitely not, being a servant leader. � �