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鈥楢pril 13. 鈥業 have not come to my present decision in a hurried moment. In the second week of February I made my Missionary project a subject of special prayer; on the 24th I had an important interview with Henry, with whom I had corresponded on the subject. He had no fears as to my health standing the climate, or as to my being able to learn the language. I began to learn it on the 14th February, and by many hours of diligent study have nearly gone through St. Matthew in Hindustani, besides making a vocabulary of more than three hundred words, learning by heart, etc. I have thrown my soul into the work, thankful and happy in the hope that the Lord would open my lips, that my mouth should show forth His praise to the poor Zenana prisoners in India. The enclosed, being the two last letters[177] which I have received from the Secretary of the Zenana Mission, will show you how graciously God has smoothed the way for me, providing an escort all the way to the place which I now think of as my home鈥擜mritsar. Fearless of Twenty-five, and all its Rage, No Guard of Art; but its own Innocence; For Life Eternal flows from Him.鈥? 鈥楬er inventive genius enabled her to do this very effectively; and the wonderful pictures and allegorical designs she took with her opened many doors, which would have probably remained fast barred against a less winning visitor. These charms were very varied. She seems generally to have taken one with her to every place she went to; and to have changed it from time to time, as the lesson to be taught from it had been learnt, or the novelty had worn off. av在线看,论理片,日本在线AV,欧美AV,日韩成人 Where Nature does her choicest Goods dispense, 鈥楶oor dear Daisy and I have been sadly tried lately by the wickedness of those in our own compound. We both feel that it will be a relief to get away for a while to Futteyghur, which we shall probably do in the beginning of October.... But oh, let me not be so ungrateful to the Lord, or so unjust to dear excellent Native Christian friends, as to say in my haste, 鈥淎ll men are liars!鈥?Poor Daisy thinks Batala the most wicked place that she has ever been in; and so do I? But precious jewels come to Batala, though very few out of it.... A.D. 1879 I know not; but the other Day, Returns again to her old Rural Seat,